• Foodfirst is an innovative company sourcing quality Australian food and beverage products for customers throughout Asia.
  • We assist Australian companies wanting to enter the Asian market, offering all services necessary from product launches, through to delivery to end customers in the region.

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Who we are

  • At Foodfirst, we have earned our reputation due to our ability to meet the needs of suppliers, as well as, our customers.
  • Through our established contacts in the food and beverage sectors in Australia, we are able to offer clients our expertise in delivering the best quality produce at competitive prices.
  • Our team consists of members with Australian and Asian backgrounds. As such, you can be assured that we have a thorough understanding of local market needs, in South East Asia.
  • Our clients are in the grocery, supermarket, hotel and food service sectors. We have regional offices

What we offer

  • > Product Sourcing
  • > Product Launches
  • > Grocery Products
  • > Private Labelling
  • > Wines and Fruit Juices
  • > Meats and Seafood
  • > Dairy Products
  • > Fruits and Vegetables
  • > Food Manufacturing Ingredients
  • > Delicatessen Goods

Products overview

Foodfirst offers broadline food and drink sourcing services. We act as an intermediary between the farmers / food manufacturers around Australia and the food service operator. We have the ability to serve all segments of the food service industry with fresh, frozen, chilled or dry grocery products and beverages.
Quality Delicatessen Olive oil, Cheeses, Dry meats.
Quality Meats Chilled or frozen Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Pork and Wild game. more products

More Products

Australian Wines All varieties. Seafood Fresh or frozen. Fruits and Vegetables All varieties.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexibility

    With our contacts across Australia and Asia in the food and beverage sectors, we are able to offer our clients the widest range of products at competitive prices.

  • Dependability

    From the moment your initial enquiry is made, to the delivery of your order, we will provide you with expert assistance.

  • Simplicity

    Our service is aimed at making the entire process of sourcing as simple and problem free as possible.


  • > Integrated Services
  • > Logistics
  • > Product Launches
  • > Events Mananagement
  • > Consultancy Services

Our offices

  • Australia:

    Telephone: +61 3 9005 7112
    E-mail: enquiries@food-first.com

  • Hong Kong:

    Telephone: +852 630 93997
    E-mail: enquiries@food-first.com

  • Indonesia:

    Telephone: +62 822 3779 3049
    E-mail: enquiries@food-first.com

  • Thailand:

    Telephone: +66 8 111 60015
    E-mail: enquiries@food-first.com

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Foodfirst Pty Ltd

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Telephone: +61 3 9005 7112

E-mail: enquiries@food-first.com